Arsip | Juli, 2011

Paket Sukses July 2011

8 Jul

Wow… it’s been a long time that I didn’t update this blog. Back to April, and now July already. I brought up the issue of ‘Paket Sukses’ dBC Network July edition.

• The Paket Sukses is a package created for Oriflame consultants in d’BC Network to help them close points in a smartly manner.
• The Package consists of various items that are considerably beneficial in terms of business values as well as product availability.
• You are entitled to take orders on any product in Oriflame’s catalogue.
• This is d’BC Network recommendation for its members in order to focus.
• In accordance to Oriflame Code of Ethics, we do not accept any online purchases whether thru our websites nor individual internet sources.

C’mon, let’s get to know some of the products in this Paket Sukses a.k.a Success Package.
Tender Care. In the last month’s Paket Sukses, this product was there, too. It is really a favorite product by Oriflame. And this month, Tender Care is available in the form of lip gloss. I definitely will buy this Tender Care lip gloss. How about you?
Matte Control Pressed Powder. This powder came with a composition that delivers a mild soft and gentleness on the skin, not shiny. Suitable for combination/oily skin. Available in two colors, which are light/medium and medium/dark.
Glacier Ice eau de toilette. Well … this time come up the fragrance product for men. The scent of apples, tangerines and bergamot combined with fresh lemongrass, ivy and cypress gives the sensation of a fresh and masculine fragrance.
Oriflame hippo soap. Soap for kid, in the form of a cute and bright color hippo. This soap specially formulated for sensitive skin of children. Relatively small size so your kid would grip it just fit in your child’s hand, I believe your kid would like to take a bath with it.
Foot Care Pumice Brush. The 2 in 1 tool foot care in the form of pumice on the one hand to rub the heel and shed dead skin, make your heel smooths. On the reverse side, there is brush ti wipe off the dirt off your heels. Softens the skin of the foot, and clean it at once.
How about the other products? You can simply asked. I will explain it more detail later. C’mon, would you all together wanna be successful? Let’s buy these products in Paket Sukses, then. There are special discounts for members, for sure. Would you all want to be a member? There is a great promo in July, to Shine Like a Star. You can get more details here. I’ll assist you on the registration procedure. Use the form on this link, and get many other benefits as a member of Oriflame.