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Let’s Discover Borneo, Get One Soap Bar for Free

21 Des
Once again, Indonesia is on Oriflame. After pashmina by Seba, this time it is Borneo which is used as one of the brand image of toiletries on Discover series. This Borneo a.k.a. Kalimantan series contains of liquid hand soap, shower gel, and soap bar.
I tried the soap bar, and I can feel the scent and freshness of the tropical rain forest in my bath room immediately. It’s very refreshing, makes me want to take another bath, and another, to keep feel the freshness of Borneo’s rain forest.
Find other freshness from these Discover series. Join Oriflame now to get variety of toiletries, make-up and fragrance. One of this Discover Borneo soap bar could be yours when you join Oriflame today, in addition to various other benefit as Oriflame independent consultant. One chance given to only one register member using this link: register Oriflame today. I’ll send it to you personally. It’s a promise.

Sekali lagi, Oriflame mengangkat Indonesia. Setelah pashmina by Seba, kali ini Borneo yang dijadikan salah satu brand image toiletries seri Discover. Borneo a.k.a. Kalimantan ini mengangkat kesegaran hutan hujan tropis, yang  terdiri dari sabun tangan cair, jelly mandi, dan sabun batang.

Aku coba sabun batangnya, dan kesegaran aroma hutan hujan tropis langsung terasa memenuhi kamar mandi, menyegarkan sekali. Jadi pengen mandi lagi… dan lagi… untuk terus merasakan kesegaran hutan hujan Kalimantan.
Temukan kesegaran seri Discover lainnya. Gabung bersama Oriflame untuk mendapatkan beragam produk toiletriesmake-up maupun fragrance. Satu batang sabun Discover Borneo ini bisa jadi milik Anda jika Anda bergabung dengan Oriflame hari ini, selain berbagai keuntungan lain sebagai konsultan independent Oriflame. Hanya untuk satu pendaftar pertama di tautan berikut ini: Gabung Oriflame sekarang. Langsung aku kirim secara pribadi. Janji 🙂

Free Pouch And Mascara, Yess!!!

27 Sep
Tanpa target (hehe… harusnya nggak boleh tanpa target), aku memenuhi persyaratan pembelian produk Oriflame bulan ini, dan… mendapatkan hadiah toiletries pouch dan mascara. Gratisss!!! Senang dong tentunya, dapat hadiah kejutan begini 😉 Sering-sering aja.
Siapa lagi yang mau? Hmm… bulan ini hadiahnya beda lagi dong. Tapi senengnya gabung bareng Oriflame, hadiahnya asyik-asyik nih. Yuk, segera bergabung dengan Oriflame, dan dapatkan kesempatan mendapatkan berbagai hadiah. Gabung sekarang, boleh di sini lho.

Free toiletries Pouch and Mascara

Without any target (hehe. .. shouldn’t be without one), I meet the requirements purchase of Oriflame products this month, and … get a toiletries pouch and mascara as gift. For free! I’m happy for it, for sure. To get a package of surprise gift like this, I surely happy. Hope I could get more of it ;)Who want this kind of gift, just like me? Hmm … this month’s prize will be different. And you know, what’s fun on joining Oriflame as an independent consultant, its the wide range opportunity to get various gifts. So, let’s join Oriflame, and get a chance to get various prizes yourself. You can register now directly from this link.