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My Favorite Product in April’s Catalogue

24 Apr

During the promo season, the price of this product is dropped till 40% off. I bought this roll-on anti perspirant deodorant with Lime & Ginger scent, one of my favorite product in the April catalogue. It surely smells good and it also gives effect of dry and freshness that I can feel all day long. The smell is not messed up with my favorite eau de toilette that I use daily. Sprayed it to some spots of my wrists (but I’ll tell about my favorite eau de toilette later, in another blog posting ;)). Again, the price is totally friendly in this months, it can be obtained at a price of Rp 17,900.- only.

Still in the same fragrance range, I like Lime & Ginger shampoo as well. The fresh fragrance of it gives me the feeling of clean all over the head. Though the conditioner also available, I don’t really like it because I’m being lazy to apply another portion of conditioner. I like shampoo only, without conditioner :p
Still on the same line in Oriflame products, in fact there is also body lotion scented Lime & Ginger. But again… because of my laziness, Idon’t really like applying body lotion to my body.
Another product in the April catalog is White nettle & Papaya shampoo. It is also in promo season. You can get a bottle of 100 ml shampoo for Rp 17.900,- only. It’s not only cleanse the scalp from dandruff, with regular use, your hair could be so soft and smells good. In addition, because this is a 2-in-one shampoo -in which the shampoo and conditioner are mixed in one bottle, hmm… it is really convenient for me, the lazy me :p Hihi … One step to get many advantages at once. Cleanse hair, makes it smells good, fresh the scalp, and avoid dandruff.

And as usual … if you join as an Oriflame independent consultant, these product can be obtained on even lower price. You get special rebates as a member. So… wanna join? Let’s register here. I’m waiting for you… 😉

Let’s Discover Borneo, Get One Soap Bar for Free

21 Des
Once again, Indonesia is on Oriflame. After pashmina by Seba, this time it is Borneo which is used as one of the brand image of toiletries on Discover series. This Borneo a.k.a. Kalimantan series contains of liquid hand soap, shower gel, and soap bar.
I tried the soap bar, and I can feel the scent and freshness of the tropical rain forest in my bath room immediately. It’s very refreshing, makes me want to take another bath, and another, to keep feel the freshness of Borneo’s rain forest.
Find other freshness from these Discover series. Join Oriflame now to get variety of toiletries, make-up and fragrance. One of this Discover Borneo soap bar could be yours when you join Oriflame today, in addition to various other benefit as Oriflame independent consultant. One chance given to only one register member using this link: register Oriflame today. I’ll send it to you personally. It’s a promise.

Sekali lagi, Oriflame mengangkat Indonesia. Setelah pashmina by Seba, kali ini Borneo yang dijadikan salah satu brand image toiletries seri Discover. Borneo a.k.a. Kalimantan ini mengangkat kesegaran hutan hujan tropis, yang  terdiri dari sabun tangan cair, jelly mandi, dan sabun batang.

Aku coba sabun batangnya, dan kesegaran aroma hutan hujan tropis langsung terasa memenuhi kamar mandi, menyegarkan sekali. Jadi pengen mandi lagi… dan lagi… untuk terus merasakan kesegaran hutan hujan Kalimantan.
Temukan kesegaran seri Discover lainnya. Gabung bersama Oriflame untuk mendapatkan beragam produk toiletriesmake-up maupun fragrance. Satu batang sabun Discover Borneo ini bisa jadi milik Anda jika Anda bergabung dengan Oriflame hari ini, selain berbagai keuntungan lain sebagai konsultan independent Oriflame. Hanya untuk satu pendaftar pertama di tautan berikut ini: Gabung Oriflame sekarang. Langsung aku kirim secara pribadi. Janji 🙂

Order Online

21 Nov

When I decided to join Oriflame business network a while ago, it was because of various aspects that makes me interested, besides the amount of gifts and presents provided-as long as we work it on to get it. One of the ease which I got from this business is the ease of order through Oriflame’s site. You could come to the Oriflame office directly to purchase your order, or you can order by phone. You can send e-mail or fax to request delivery of goods, or you can visit the Oriflame site and make your order online. I prefer the order online option. It is really easy to do so, very simple, and availability of products and gifts can be obtained directly. Everything is real-time, online. Just click the site Oriflame Indonesia, then search for the desired product. You can access the online catalogue or just simply fill out the form by entering the code of the desired product. With one click, the product filled your virtual shopping cart. If you are looking for a specific product, just type the product’s name and click on the search box. It will instantly appears on the screen before our eyes. If you intend to cancel any orders that you have made, before you finished filling the order form, it can still be done. Done filling the virtual shopping cart, you can simply click a prompt to select the option set of goods. Which branch, how to deliver or collect the products, payments process and so on, this was done with only with a few clicks on our mouse or your touch-pad. When the confirmation process is done, a notification e-mail will be sent to our mailbox directly. After that? You can pick up the products that you’ve already ordered or waiting for the goods to be delivered to you-it depends on the options that’s you’ve previously made. Well, its that’s easy, isn’t it?

Ketika kuputuskan untuk bergabung dengan jaringan bisnis Oriflame beberapa waktu yang lalu, berbagai kemudahannya membuatku tertarik, selain hadiah-hadiahnya yang bejibun-asal kita mau usaha untuk mendapatkannya. Satu kemudahan yang kudapat dari bisnis ini adalah kemudahan order melalui situs Oriflame. Berbagai cara untuk order produk Oriflame ini bisa dilakukan. Datang langsung ke kantor Oriflame terdekat? Bisa banget. Order via telefon? Boleh. Kirim e-mail atau fax dengan request pengiriman barang? Itu juga bisa. Tapi aku lebih suka opsi order online. Caranya gampang banget, nggak pake ribet, dan ketersediaan produk maupun hadiah bisa langsung didapat. Semuanya realtime, online. Tinggal klik situs Oriflame Indonesia, lalu cari produk yang diinginkan. Bisa dengan membuka katalog online atau langsung saja isi form dengan memasukkan kode produk yang diinginkan. Dengan satu klik, produk sudah masuk ke dalam keranjang belanja virtual kita. Mencari produk tertentu secara spesifik, tinggal klik di kotak pencari, dan hasilnya langsung muncul di layar depan mata kita. Jika pun berniat membatalkan order yang sudah kita buat, selama belum final mengirimkan form order, tetap bisa dilakukan. Selesai dengan mengisi keranjang belanja virtual, kita bisa langsung klik konfirmasi untuk memilih opsi pengambilan barang. Cabang mana yang dituju, cara pengiriman atau pengambilan seperti apa, proses pembayaran dan sebagainya, ini pun dilakukan hanya dengan beberapa klik praktis saja di tetikus ataupun touchpad kita. Setelah proses konfirmasi selesai, e-mail notifikasi bisa segera terkirim ke mailbox kita. Setelah itu? Tinggal menjemput produk yang kita pesan atau menanti barang-barang itu dikirim pada kita -ini tergantung opsi pengambilan barang yang sudah kita buat sebelumnya. Nah, semudah itu saja.

Love This Lipstick

25 Okt
Aku agak ‘tergila-gila’ dengan produk bibir. Lip gloss jadi favoritku, seperti yang kutulis di sini beberapa waktu yang lalu. Tempo hari, pas ada promo power shine, muuurrrah banget buat member. Diskonnya sampai 70%!!! Tentu saja kesempatan langka itu tak akan kulewatkan. 😉
Sekalian menggenapkan poin, kubeli dua batang produk power shine ini, pink bloom & seashell nude. Ternyata seorang teman tertarik dengan salah satunya. Warnanya yang lembut, berkilau dengan 3D sparkle tanpa efek yang terlalu glamorous. Bisa digunakan pada pagi atau siang hari. Formulanya terasa lembut di bibir, karena kandungan roship seed oil dan vitamin E, beraroma lembut tapi samar. Dengan SPF 12, lipstick ini melindungi bibir dan melengkapi penampilan keseharian kita. Aku suka…!
Promo ini berakhir di pekan pertama bulan November. Jadi, ayo segera dapatkan produk power shine dengan harga diskon fantastis ini sekarang juga! Jika ingin sekalian bergabung menjadi konsultan Oriflame independen, kesempatan selalu terbuka. Silakan langsung membuka tautan berikut ini untuk mengisi form pendaftaran, dan sukses bersama Oriflame. 😉
I think I’m a little ‘crazy’ with lip products. Lip gloss is my favorite, as I wrote here some time ago. The other day, there is power shine promo offer, which the product is being offered with big discount, up to 70%. It surely sooo cheap -with a consultant price, surely. Certainly a rare opportunity that shouldn’t be spoiled. ;)Fulfill all points, I ordered two sticks of this products, pink bloom & Seashell nude. Apparently a friend interested in one of them. The color is soft, shiny with 3D sparkle effects but yet not too glamorous. It can be used in the morning or afternoon. The formula applied softly on the lips, because the content of roship seed oil and vitamin E, it has light and soft scent. With SPF 12, this lipstick protects lips and complement the appearance of our daily life. I like it…!This promo ends on the first week in November. So, let’s get this product with this fantastic discount prices now! If you want to join Oriflame as an independent consultant, the opportunity is always open. Please go directly to the link below to fill out the registration form, and let’s get success with Oriflame. 😉


1 Jul

Pagi tadi aku berangkat dari rumah agak terburu-buru. Mau menghadiri akad nikah salah seorang teman dekatku. Berangkat terburu-buru, gara-gara sibuk dandan dulu. Tumben-tumben aku pake eyeliner dan lipstick. Hihi… Jadi (makin) cantik dong, tentunya.

Sebagai salah satu konsultan Oriflame, tentu aku memakai produknya. Salah satu produk yang kupakai saat ini adalah eyeliner Stylo yang praktis. Aplikatornya yang menyerupai ujung pena kaligrafi membuatku tak ragu untuk menyapukannya di sepanjang kelopak mata bagian atas, membuat tampilan mataku terlihat mempesona ;). Semakin lama, aku semakin terampil menggunakannya.

This morning I left home quite in a hurry. I have  to attend a marriage ceremony of one of my close friends. I left home in a hurry because I spent time to put on some ‘special make up’ for this occasion.  Unusually, I use the eyeliner and lipstick. Hihi … So I became (more) beautiful, for sure. 😉

As one of Oriflame consultant, of course I’m using the product. One product that I use now is a practical eyeliner, Stylo . The shape of the applicator that resembles the tip of calligraphy pen makes me not hesitate to apply it along the upper eyelids, made my eyes look enchanting ;). The more I’m using it, the more skillful I am, and the more beautiful I will be. 😉

My Favorite Lip Gloss

25 Jun

Aku suka mencoba berbagai produk lip gloss. Mungkin karena aku tak begitu suka memakai lipstik dengan warna-warni di bibirku. Sejauh ini hanya nuansa warna coklat yang biasa kupakai. Pakai warna lain? Belum Pe-De. 😉

Biasanya aku hanya memakai lip gloss transparan yang membuat bibirku lembab dan terlihat sedikit berkilat. Saat ini aku mencoba gloss booster berwarna peach. Dengan gloss booster dari Oriflame ini, itu cukup sekali. Walaupun tersedia dalam 5 warna pilihan, warna itu tidak terlalu nampak ketika dipoles di bibir. Mungkin setelah ini, aku harus mencoba warna lain 😉

Gloss Booster Oriflame

I like trying different lip gloss product. Maybe because I don’t really like to put on lipstick on my lips. I don’t feel comfortable with the colors on my lips. So far I only apply the shades of brown. Use another color? I’m not confident enough. Not yet 😉

Usually I only wear lip gloss that makes lips looks moist, transparent and slightly glossy. Recently I tried the peach-colored gloss booster. With this lip gloss booster from Oriflame, it is definitely enough. Although available in five colors, the colors are not very visible when applied on the lips. Well, maybe after this, I should try another color 😉