Ini adalah review sederhana dari beberapa produk Oriflame.

It is a simple review about some products of Oriflame.

back cover of 12th catalogue 2010

In the August catalog some time ago, a friend ordered Tender Care product during the promo campaign. The product was discounted up to 50%. Best buy! According to her recommendations, this product really cool, proven to moisturize and soften skin. According to her too, it does not smell very nice, though … but the benefits make her hooked. I was successfully persuaded by her (hey… who’s the one who sell this product? It’s me, you know …? :p) and finally decided to buy one. While the product still on promo;)
In fact, these two tiny containers of Tender Care was finally taken by this friends, because she was tempted by the cheap price.
50% off!!! Moreover, what do you expect from a small container, how long does it will survive? Especially if it is used every day.

At 12 catalog this month, there is another promo of Tender Care, and this time its flavored caramel. I ordered one in an instant. And when I try this product, hmm … I can smell the scent of caramel quite strong. Feel so sweet. The creme also felt so soft on my hand. If you have this, you’ll want to use it continuously. If it feels so comfortable using this Tender Care, a tiny container is going to be gone in a flash. I think I must make another order a.s.a.p… 😉

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