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Join Oriflame and Make That Change

10 Mar

When I decided to join Oriflame business network some time ago, it was because of various aspects that makes me interested, besides the amount of gifts and presents provided-as long as we work it on to get it. One of the ease which I got from this business is the ease of order through Oriflame’s site. And this March, it is incredible. In addition to join the promo that makes me drooling… the catalog promo of 120 pages thick (usually ‘only’ 100 pages) also very tempting. Wow ……
There is one convenience thing I got from this business (and there are many more). It is the ease of ordering through Oriflame’s site. Different ways to order Oriflame products can be done. You can come directly to the nearest office Oriflame branch. You just have to be prepared to face the long queue. Not to mention the possibility of not getting the product we want/need. If it was me … I think it’s better to use another way. Order by phone? It’s doable. But we could get tired of waiting for the phone to be picked. In this period of grand promo, I think telephone in the Oriflame office would not stop ringing : p Send an e-mail or fax to request delivery of goods? It also doable. But there is one more option to orders that I like. It is online order.

It is really easy to do, nothing complicated. The availability of products and gifts can simply known immediately. Everything is real-time, online. Just click the site, Oriflame Indonesia, then search for the desired product. You can access the online catalog or just fill out the form by entering the code of the desired product. With one click, the product is entered into our virtual shopping cart. Specifically looking for a specific product? Just click on the search box, and it instantly appears on the screen before our eyes. If you intend to cancel any orders that you’ve already made, before you click the final confirmation button, it can still be done.
Finished filling the virtual shopping cart, we can simply click the next button. Which branch you wish to order at, how to delivery or collect your purchase, payment process and so on. These steps were done only with a few mouse clicks. After the confirmation process is complete, a notification e-mail can be sent to our mailbox. After that? Just pick up the products we order or waiting for the goods to be delivered to us-it depends on the options set of goods which we have previously made. Well, it’s just that easy.

Some notes on the promo when you want to join Oriflame this month, Let’s Make That Change!

After registering as an independent consultant, you just need to pay Rp 29.900, – You can order products worth Rp 175.000, – then you will get Rp 20,000, – cash back. Conclusion: if you join this month, the annual membership fee is only Rp 9,000, – only. Usually Rp 39.900, –

The next step, if you take the challenge of selling product equally 75BP (Bonus Point), you will get special WP1 gift, an Oriflame product worth Rp 100,000, – You will get that for free.

If you love the world of selling (or just using the products ;)) and all the business of selling cosmetics that makes you beautiful, charming and fun, then 100BP achievement in the second month seems to be very possible. And thus you can get a WP2 gift which is the most prestigious and most expensive perfume in Oriflame, Grace, worth Rp 429 000, – for you to take home. You get it for free too.

In the third month of your membership, if you managed to increase the target of selling until 125BP, then you are entitled to a set of exclusive watches with watch strap and frame that can be mix and match to create nine-pair of combinations. It’s beautiful! And this watches can be yours too, for free while the real price is Rp 799,000, – Incredible.

If you can’t wait to get the package of WP1 until WP3 gift, then let’s fill out the form given and follow the step-by step procedure. Package of e-book, online and offline training, guidance and assistance also will be given continuously until we achieve success together. Come on, we can make changes in our lives, and that change can be started from this moment. Let’s change and Make That Change. Now!

Midnight Collection Promo

18 Nov
Here it comes again, crazy promo from Oriflame. Makes me more interested and wanted to join Oriflame as a new member. Too bad… I’m a member already :p Let’s vision it this way, in the second month after join, if you are fulfilled all the requirement, by noted 75 points of purchasing,  then you are able to get WP1 prize worth Rp 168 000, – Not to mention the discount fee as much as the registration fee when you did the first order.

WP1 gift: Waterproof mascara & eyeliner

Prizes in the next months also so tempting. You can can see by yourself on the pictures above. If I haven’t join Oriflame, I think this month will be the most suitable time to join. On 15th, the promo started to run. Who would like to take a part on it? Let’s go… You can start by registering yourself on this link directly and  fill out the form. After that, you can start running this business right away. Dare to join? Let’s go …!

WP2 gift: Exclusive clutch

Lagi-lagi promo gila-gilaan dari Oriflame. Bikin ngiler aja. Jadi pengen gabung Oriflame sebagai anggota baru nih. :p Bayangkan aja, di bulan kedua setelah bergabung, jika memenuhi persyaratan belanja sebesar 75 poin, bisa dapat hadiah WP1 seharga RP 168.000,- Belum lagi potongan harga senilai bea pendaftaran saat order pertama.

WP3 gift: Dare to dream make-up palette

Hadiah di bulan berikutnya nggak kalah asyik. Bisa lihat sendiri deh di bawah ini. Kalo aku belum gabung Oriflame, kayaknya bulan ini deh saat yang paling pas untuk gabung. Mulai tanggal 15 ini, promo mulai berlaku. Siapa mau? Hayu… Dimulai dengan daftar dong. Boleh langsung isi form di link ini, dan langsung berjibaku di bisnis prospektif ini. Berani gabung? Hayuu…

Jolly July

17 Jul

Promo bulan ini untuk konsultan baru Oriflame, wah… bikin ngiler. Nyesel juga nih nggak gabung di bulan ini. Ayo ayo… buat yang mau ikutan, bulan ini saat yang paling tepat untuk bergabung dengan Oriflame.

Untuk masa keanggotaan setahun hanya bayar Rp 39.900,- dengan diskon sampai 30% untuk beli produk Oriflame, belum lagi diskon beragam produk yang selalu ada setiap bulan. Promo spesial bulan ini, silakan lakukan order pertama minimum sejumlah Rp 175.000,- maka potongan harga sebanyak Rp 10.000,- bisa didapat. Ini masih ditambah lagi dengan bonus hadiah foot file yang harga normalnya mencapai Rp 27.900,- Jadi, jika sukses di bulan ini, bea keanggotaan setahun ternyata cuma keluar uang sebanyak Rp 2.000,- saja.

Promo Jolly July

Satu program promo lagi di bulan ini, jika berhasil mencapai pembelian sebanyak 75 bonus poin, sebagai hadiah welcome program alias WP1, body butter (untuk cewek) atau face wash (untuk cowok) bisa dibawa pulang. Gratis lagi. Bulan berikutnya, bonus bertambah dong. Hadiahnya? parfum special edition, yang tentu saja boleh milih, mau tipe cewek atau cowok. Huwaa… mau…!!! Yuk, ikutan jolly July di bulan ini. Detilnya bisa dilihat di situs Oriflame, tapi daftarnya bisa langsung di sini kok. Yuk…! Jangan sampai nyesel kayak saya 😦

This month promo for a new Oriflame consultant, well … it make you drool. I regret it that I didn’t join Oriflame this month. Come on come on… for you who want to join, this month will be the most appropriate time to join Oriflame.

For the membership, you only pay Rp 39 900, – with discounts up to 30% to buy Oriflame products, not to mention discounts on various products that are always available every month. This month’s special promo, just do the minimum first order of Rp 175,000, – then the discounted price of Rp 10.000, – could be obtained. It’s still coupled with a foot file as a bonus prize that normally you can get it for Rp 27 900, – But you can get it for free (if you can fulfill the requirement) So, if successful in this month, a year membership fees turned out just as much as Rp 2.000, – only.

Welcome Program Prizes

One more program for this month, if you successfully achieve the purchase of 75 bonus points, as a welcome gift program (WP1), you can get FREE body butter (for female) or a face wash (for male). The next month, the bonus is surely increases. The prize is special edition perfume, which you may choose, the female type of male one. Huwaa … I want  it…!!! Come, let’s join Jolly July this month. You can see the detail of information in the official website of Oriflame, but you can register directly from here. Come! Do not let yourself be regret like me : (